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A CBD Remedy's

Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Terpenes

CBD and THC are the most well known, but there are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp, and even more terpenes! You get the full experience hemp has to offer with Full Spectrum oil. Yes, there is even a small amount of THC... however, it is a VERY small amount, below the legal limit of 0.03%. This amount of THC is not enough to be psychoactive in our recommended dose sizes, but it is enough to show up on a drug test. 

Terpenes are the "smell and taste molecules" of the plant world. This is what essential oils are made up of! Humans have been using essential oils for thousands of years for their medicinal properties. It's the unique terpene composition that gives each essential oil its unique properties. The unique terpene composition may be what gives each cannabis strain its own unique effect too. Some strains are noted by users as being better for sleep while others are better for an uplifting mood.


We chose the unique terpene blend of the best rated cannabis strains for Sleep, Pain & Inflammation, Energy, overall Healing and Stress & Anxiety to add to our full-spectrum line of products. Although we're using the same terpene blends of cannabis strains, there is no cannabis in any of our products. All of our CBD products are hemp derived.

Dosing can be confusing with full spectrum oil since CBD is only a percentage of the full spectrum mix. We've done the math for you! So when we say 1,500MG of CBD, we mean it! That's how much CBD is in the bottle, not how much "full spectrum oil" total is in the bottle. A CBD Remedy is committed to demystifying the dose with clear dosing recommendations by weight on every bottle.

A Plain CBD Remedy for People and Pets

Want A CBD Remedy completely free of THC and Cannabis Flavored Terpenes? No problem!


For people, we have Regular and Extra Strength formulas with no added flavor. These come in 1/2 ounce sizes for those not ready to commit to a whole bottle just yet. We also have The Antidote, which has a surprisingly delicious, clean, minty flavor. 

For pets, we have easy dosing formulas for Small/Medium and Large/X-Large pets. There are clear, weight-based dosing recommendations on every label. We demystify the dose so you can be sure you're giving your pet the right size dose for his or her size!


In addition to clear dosing recommendations, we pride ourselves on our extremely high standards of quality. Our CBD is derived from hemp organically grown in the United States which is then extracted with CO2, the cleanest extraction method. Our pet products are also produced to human-grade quality standards.

Infusing Blends for People and Pets

Now you can make your own infused CBD edible treats at home with our special infusing formulas! These formulas are highly concentrated for minimal adjustment to your favorite recipes. Adding just one full dropper of these special blends will yield 24 medium dose treats. 

The People formula is made with CBD isolate in Organic Sweet Almond Oil, which we chose because it's almost completely tasteless and very gentle on the digestive system. The Pets formula is made with Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, which is very mild and non-stinky (for the human baker's benefit). 

Why do we use a carrier oil at all? CBD is around 3X more effective when taken with a carrier oil. The type of oil matters too! Medium and Long chain lipids offer the best absorption rates for CBD in particular. Ingesting your CBD does not have as high an absorption rate as holding the oil under your tongue, so the higher quality the carrier oil, the better! Especially in edibles. 

Save the party with a little squirt!

Buzz Fixer, A CBD Remedy's novelty product, is HILARIOUS and DELICIOUS... and YES, it really does work!

No one has ever fatally over-dosed on THC. But plenty of people have experienced the unpleasant side effects of over-indulging on THC like anxiety, shakes, nausea, and paranoia. 

Be prepared for the worst with Buzz Fixer so you can get back to enjoying the best of smoking cannabis!


Made with CBD isolate in organic MCT oil from coconut (no palm oil) and organic peppermint extract. Even our fun products are extremely high quality and effective. Quality in all products is our number one goal.