CBD for people

Although CBD is still relatively new to the mainstream public consciousness, it has been used by humans for thousands of years in the hemp plant. Now that CBD has been legalized federally with The Farm Act, more research studies are being done and they are overwhelmingly positive, which is why CBD is gaining traction with the public so quickly. 

In addition to being effective, CBD is non-psychoactive. For many people, this makes it an attractive alternative to medical cannabis or Marinol, which is the synthetic, pharmaceutical form of THC used to increase appetite and reduce nausea and vomiting in AIDS and cancer patients. 

Is there anyone who shouldn't take CBD? Anyone who is taking medication should always speak to their doctor before taking any supplements. Early research suggests that CBD might make the body more receptive to some medications, which can affect the dose of the medicine you need to take. 

CBD oil is easy to administer under the tongue for maximum effectiveness or can be mixed in food if preferred.