CBD for pets

More and more research studies are coming out about the effectiveness of CBD in dogs for a variety of reasons. This mounting body of research supports the anecdotal evidence that has been available for years in states with more relaxed laws on cannabis and therefore a greater variety and availability of products, including CBD products for pets. 


Although CBD is most commonly researched on dogs, it is also very effective in cats, birds, horses, guinea pigs, and practically any other living creature according to the anecdotal evidence (although we would not suggest trying to give it to fish for lack of a good way to administer it). 

The best way to administer CBD oil to pets for maximum effectiveness is by squirting the dose of CBD in their mouth, especially under their tongue if you can. However, sometimes ingesting oil directly without food can upset a sensitive tummy. If you know your pet has a sensitive stomach or if administering by mouth is not a good option for your pet for any reason, adding the dose of CBD oil to their food is also very effective.