About Us


We are a minority and woman owned craft CBD brand based in New Jersey. Founded in 2018 with over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, we bring a passion for this industry that goes beyond making money. Living in Colorado and California for a decade opened our minds to cannabis and taught us that it is so much more than just a good time.


In our travels, we met many people and pets who have benefitted from CBD. Their stories were amazing and inspirational. We learned the trade and were lucky enough to have been taught by the best in the business. We're bringing this decade of experience back to our native New Jersey to share this amazing discovery with our friends, family, fellow New Jersey residents and the nation.

While many other brands are white-labeling other people's oils, we make our tinctures ourselves in a commercial kitchen in Trenton, NJ. We truly love what we do and are so grateful to be able to share this wonderful gift from nature with all of you!