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How Does CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Updated: Feb 19

I smoked two cigarettes before I took the pregnancy test. When it came back positive, I knew I had to quit for good. I got through the first 48 hours by balling up my hands into fists and crying hysterically when the waves of nicotine cravings crashed over me. I was in total agony without nicotine for the first time in over a decade. My previous attempts at quitting (none successful) had always involved a different delivery system of nicotine - the patch, the gum, or the lozenge. Going cold turkey was absolute torture.

I had heard that CBD helped with nicotine withdrawal, but I wasn't planning on taking any CBD because there wasn't a lot of research proving it was safe for pregnant and nursing women. By the third day, I was ready to crack and smoke a sweet, sweet cigarette - that's when I decided to take a small dose of CBD instead. I felt relief from the overwhelming cravings that lasted through the whole day. The cravings didn't go away completely, but they were so much more manageable with CBD.

After a few weeks, the overwhelming nicotine cravings subsided, but I was still getting the feeling of a pit in my stomach and static electricity in my limbs. Previously, whenever someone would talk about their anxiety issues, I would take a drag on my cigarette and think, hmm - can't relate. It wasn't until I quit smoking and got past the stage of nicotine withdrawal that I realized I actually had anxiety!

I had been self-medicating my anxiety with nicotine half my life and didn't even know it. Once I realized that, I tried taking CBD to quell those feelings I now knew were anxiety and found that CBD helped MORE than cigarettes had before! It's been about two years now without a cigarette.

Over the course of my pregnancy, I used CBD very minimally - only at my most desperate points when I would have otherwise broke down and had a cigarette. I am definitely not advocating for pregnant or nursing women to take CBD, just relating my own experience.

After I had the baby, the nicotine cravings came back strong. Lack of sleep and the stress of caring for a newborn made my anxiety go through the roof. CBD helped me tremendously through that period in my life. Many times I thought I would break down and have a cigarette - each time I took CBD instead and was able to get through it.