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How is CBD extracted from the Hemp Plant?

Using Solvents to Extract Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The Hemp flower is added to a liquid solvent which could be Ethanol or medical grade Butane. The full spectrum CBD oil in the Hemp flower dissolves in the liquid solvent and the liquid mixture is filtered out from the plant material. Then the mixture is heated until the solvent becomes a gas and separates from the full spectrum Hemp oil, leaving just the full spectrum oil behind.

This type of full spectrum oil is called Distillate. It is about the consistency of coconut oil or cold molasses, a thick liquid when warm and semi-solid when cooler.

Solventless Full Spectrum CBD Extraction

Full Spectrum Oil can be pressed out of the plant. When a large amount of pressure and a small amount of heat is applied to Hemp flower, the oil seeps out the sides of the press and can be collected. This type of full spectrum oil is called Rosin or Solvent-less Rosin.

Another type of solventless extraction is freezing and then shaking the cannabiniods off the Hemp flower with Supercritical CO2. Then the cannabiniods are collected and brought back to room temperature, forming an oil again.