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Indica, Sativa... or Terpenes?

Any regular cannabis user will tell you that some strains are better for sleep while other strains give you an energy boost that can motivate you to happily clean your entire house. This is usually attributed to a strain being categorized as an Indica or Sativa type of cannabis plant.

Sativa plants are taller, thinner cannabis plants that are known to produce more energetic, uplifting highs. The indica plants are shorter and bushier with wider leaves. Indica plants are often described as putting you in-da-couch, producing more sedative, full body high. Sativa plants are found in warmer, lowland regions and the Indica plant is found in cooler, highland regions.

Through new research, we now know what is actually causing the differences between these types of cannabis plants isn't as simple as these two broad categories of indica and sativa. It's the terpenes! Now that the research is coming out, we know that indica plants tend to have more of the terpenes that cause the sedative effects on the body whereas sativa plants tend to have more uplighting and energizing terpenes.

Terpenes are the "smell and taste" molecules of the plant world. The different terpene compositions of the cannabis strains have different effects on the body, like in herbs. For example, strains with a citrusy smell and taste tend to lift your spirits. Strains with a black pepper or clove-like smell tend to be good for pain. The terpene composition of each stain is unique and the different terpenes in each strain can enhance or downplay the effects of the other terpenes in the strain.

It's the terpenes!