1,500MG CBD in full spectrum and sweet almond oil with OG Kush Terpenes for Stress & Anxiety. 60 average size doses per 1oz bottle. 


The Full Spectrum

CBD and THC are the most well known, but there are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp! And even more terpenes! You get the full experience hemp has to offer with Full Spectrum oil. Yes, there is even a small amount of THC! However, it is a VERY small amount, below the legal limit of 0.03%. This amount of THC is not enough to be psychoactive in our recommended dose sizes, but it is enough to show up on a drug test. 


How does it work?

Terpenes are the "smell and taste molecules" of the plant world. This is what essential oils are made up of! The unique terpene composition may be what gives each cannabis strain its own unique effect. We add the unique terpene blend of specific strains rated best for each ailment. Although we're using the same terpene blends of cannabis strains, there is no cannabis in any of our products. All of our products are hemp derived.


Dosing with CBD in Full Spectrum oil

Dosing can be confusing with full spectrum oil since CBD is only a percentage of the full spectrum mix. We've done the math for you! So when we say 1,500MG of CBD, we mean it! That's how much CBD is in the bottle, not how much "full spectrum oil" total is in the bottle. A CBD Remedy is committed to demystifying the dose with clear dosing recommendations by weight on every bottle. 


Why Use a Carrier Oil?

CBD is around 3X more effective when taken with a carrier oil. We use sweet almond oil because it is clean tasting and gentle on the digestive system.

Stress & Anxiety - Full Spectrum, 1oz

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