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4,320MG of CBD isolate in Wild Alaskan Fish Oil. 


Now you can make your own infused CBD edible treats at home with our special infusing formulas! This formula is highly concentrated for minimal adjustment to your favorite recipe. Adding just one full dropper of this special blend will yield 24 medium-size dose treats for pets

The Pets formula is made with Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, which is very mild on the digestive tract and is not stinky (for the human's benefit). 

Why do we use a carrier oil at all? CBD is around 3X more effective when taken with a carrier oil. The type of oil matters too! Medium and Long chain lipids offer the best absorption rates for CBD in particular. Ingesting your CBD does not have as high an absorption rate as holding the oil under the tongue, so the higher quality the carrier oil, the better! Especially in edibles. 

Concentrated Infusing Formula for Edibles, Fish Oil for Pets

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